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Shockwave Therapy

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) system is the ultimate solution for chronic orthopedic indications . The Orthospec was developed after extensive theoretical expertise and practical experience in the field of shock wave therapy, as one of its masterpieces and one of the most significant devices in the orthopedic field. Come to see us at the office for a free consultation. This Shock Wave therapy provides highly efficient results; it is a safe, non-invasive and rapid non-surgical method for treating resistant or nonresponsive orthopedic injuries. This process also helps reduce chronic inflammations, reducing pain and increasing function level dramatically.
Chronic heels pain is cause by the inflammation in the tissues of the plantar fascia. Our treatment has been shown to offer long term relief without surgery.

Shockwave treatment verses surgery is a great alternative. Our in office shockwave treatment is non-invasive, less painful and minimal recovery time. Most cases you can go back to work the same day.

Please call to schedule an exam to see if this is the best step in your recovery process.
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