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Foot & Ankle Surgery in Longmeadow, Massachusetts

For 20 years, people throughout Longmeadow, Massachusetts, have come to New England Foot Specialists PC for foot and ankle surgery to alleviate their pain from injuries or conditions. When your condition requires surgery, trust the top-ranked surgeon from our clinic.

Surgical Procedures

While many conditions of the foot or ankle can be treated with non-surgical procedures, often foot or ankle surgery is necessary. As a certified surgeon by the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, Dr. Peteros offers the surgical procedures you need to treat your injury.
Foot Checkup - Foot & Ankle Surgery in Longmeadow, Massachusetts

Treating Sports & Work-Related Injuries

Foot and ankle injuries happen, especially in various sports. At New England Foot Specialists, Dr. Peteros offers personalized podiatry services to treat common injuries such as sprained ankles, plantar fasciitis, and broken metatarsals.

Care is also available for foot disorders caused by medical conditions including arthritis and diabetes.
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